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After decades of devoted labor, having earned enough money to raise and support a family, keep body and soul together with adequate food and housing and stashing away enough money to secure a comfortable retirement, the idea of sitting back and enjoying the idle life of retirement can seem very appealing. At least it can be appealing for the first month or so.

After a while, a lot of healthy, active retired folks may start to look around and wonder if that’s all there is to life. After spending their adulthood being responsible, hardworking and industrious, the idea of filling those twenty-four hours in each day can get a little daunting. Not everyone wants to consider a set schedule with formal employment that demands they be in attendance or punch a time clock; if they wanted that they could have stayed employed at their former jobs. Still, some form of gainful employment can help bridge the gap from fully employed to fully retired. The options are limited only by your imagination.

Many casual, part-time employment opportunities exist with car dealers. They often employ retired people or college students to drive cars off their lot to trade with other car dealers, either across town or several states away, depending on the demands of their customers. They also employ drivers to shuttle service customers back and forth to work while their cars are being serviced. The hours are flexible and the ability to turn down a drive is always an option.

Freelance your talents or hobby interests.
There are unlimited opportunities to sell stories or articles to websites or print publications if you have at least modest writing abilities Photography is another freelancer’s dream. If you can’t find an outlet for your work online or with local businesses, consider setting up a table at flea markets or farmers markets. Foot traffic will often support your efforts.

Part time work in retirement isn’t always about making money.
Many non-profit organizations are seeking the talents you have lying dormant in your life. Volunteering is good for society and it provides a purpose for your days. Often, there is no money involved, but the satisfaction of still being a contributing member of society is priceless Use the skills needed in your old job to provide consulting help on a temporary basis in your industry. You control how much or how little you want to provide and how far you want to spread yourself. You probably already have all the contacts you need to set yourself up in this field.

If you still haven’t found enough to fill your days, but don’t want to commit to a permanent job, consider seasonal employment. For six or eight weeks during the holiday season or a couple months in the spring or early summer, many retail stores hire extra help to deal with the seasonal influx of additional customers. A month of two in that environment may be all it takes to send you happily back to the lazy, idle days of retirement.

Retirement doesn’t have to be the beginning of the last stage of life.
More often than not, it is the beginning of the next stage of life. The freedom to choose among so many opportunity levels is what makes retirement the next great adventure in life after completing a fulfilling career.

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