3 Excellent Bodyweight Exercises While On Anadrol Cycle

Don’t worry if you don’t have much time to go to the gym. You don’t need all of those fancy equipment to start your bodybuilding regimen. Using a few weights around the house will do. You could also purchase dumbbells and kettlebells. Even secondhand items will be fine since these don’t degrade in performance over time anyway. In fact, you can begin without using any tools at all. Just rely on your own body weight which should provide more than enough of a challenge. Variations can be used to tailor the exercises to your current fitness level.


It’s a classic for a reason. The push-up is a highly functional exercise that strengthens different parts of the body while enhancing stability. It works on our arms, our chest, our back, and our core. By changing the position of our hands and our legs, as well as introducing other motions, we can target specific areas for development. For instance, the palms may stay face down on the floor pointing forward or moved slightly to point inwards. They could be closed in a ball or opened up to stand on the tips of the fingers. Beginners can fold at the knees to make it easier. Bodybuilding enthusiasts can elevate their feet for added challenge. They can even do hand stand push-ups by carefully moving upside down against a wall.


Squats provide a tough workout for our lower body. The hamstrings, glutes and quads gain the most benefits. This is often done with a barbell on the shoulders at the gym but those in their homes can simply use their bodyweight for resistance. To make it harder, do single leg squats and be sure to perform an equal amount of reps for the left and right sides. A lot of injuries are brought about by muscular imbalance wherein one side is weaker than other, forcing the body to compensate. Check your form as well. Don’t hurry to complete each rep. Take it slow and get the full range of motion.


These work on the core muscles which help in achieving good posture and stability. Study the countless variations and be amazed at all of the exercises that you can do to target the small muscles all around the abdominal area. Don’t forget to work on the sides with things like heel touches. Involve the legs for compound movements that hit the lower abs.